Giving life to your environment. We all need it. But why make it an afterthought. Make it a centerpiece of your interior design. This is at the forefront of each piece we create. Our floor lamps are intended to be seen whether illuminated or not. We combine angular dimensions and interesting curvature, into an artistic presence that is truly lovely and functional.



Grown here, sourced here. We use locally harvested natural products for all the wood sections of our pieces. This allows us to use non commercially available species of lumber. We hand select each piece for color and interesting grain patterns with the specific cuts in mind so the grain adds to the unique shape of our designs. Nothing cookie cutter here. The end result is flowing symmetry' or sometimes stark contrast; depending on the intent of the artist and what design is asking for 


Something that has both a magnitude and a direction. Winterwood designs are created with the intent of adding magnitude to your space. Our direction is to use continuity  as a constraint so that all designs within a product series will work together while maintaining their own specific identity; thus you can use our products individually or together maintaining a similar theme in your living area.

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