Our Story 

Winterwood Design LLC


Founder and artist Jay Hulst created Winterwood Design as an answer to a question heard while attending a financial planning seminar... "If income were not an issue, would you do what you do"?


I wanted to use my God given talent of creating artistic products which would add to other peoples life, by combining my knowledge and experience. 

It came down to metal fabrication, woodworking, and electricity.

As a former owner of a custom furniture shop, a journeyman machine builder, a union welder, and a degree in electronics... and a lifelong dedication to art, somehow I made a really cool lamp which still stands in my living room. The process just seemed natural and felt right. I made another one, I just kept going. I have more ideas than I have time to build, but not just lights. I came up with ideas for wall art, custom mirrors, other home décor items, it keeps going. The more I create, the more ideas sprout up.

We create interesting, artistic home décor and lighting products today and we operate without limits on creativity. High quality hand crafted lamps is where Winterwood Design started. We wanted to make lamps that wouldn't be hidden behind a couch but instead be a focal point; enhancing the artistic theme of the environment in which it sits.

Our products have since expanded to include home décor items and sculpture in various mediums and continue to grow being only limited by our imagination.

Our future looks very bright as we seek to expand our processes while we always maintain hand crafted authenticity.