Our Story 

Winterwood Design LLC

Founder and chairman Jay Hulst created Winterwood Design as an answer to a question heard while attending a financial planning seminar... "If income were not an issue, would you do what you do"?


Having spent the majority of his career in various disciplines - woodworking, metal fabrication, machining, automation, robotics, machine building, electronic development - one thing became clear. 

Contentment would never be found working for someone else. Doing one thing at one place for one company. 

"I make stuff" is the motto often recited by Hulst. That is the refined definition of what we do. Hulst wanted to use his God given talent of creating artistic products which would add to other peoples life, by combining his knowledge and experience. 

"It came down to metal fabrication, woodworking, and electricity".

And so our lighting division was born.

With much industry experience in automation, it quickly became clear that the way into the future of manufacturing handmade goods in quantity was to utilize machines to do the rough work so we could focus a small team of craftsmen on the detail parts. Hence the CNC department was born.

We create interesting, artistic home décor and lighting products today while at the same time we operate without limits on creativity. 

High quality hand crafted lamps is where Winterwood Design started. We wanted to make lamps that wouldn't be hidden behind a couch but instead be a focal point; enhancing the artistic theme of the environment in which it sits.

Our products have since expanded to include home décor items and sculpture in various mediums and continue to grow being only limited by our craftsmen's imagination.

Our future looks very bright as we seek to expand our automated processes while we always maintain hand crafted authenticity. 

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